Waxing is a quick method of removing unwanted hair with a lasting smooth finish. Whether you are looking for hair removal treatment for body hair, or facial hair our waxing service has you covered.

The advantages of wax

A big advantage of using warm waxing is that, unlike standard shaving or hair removal cream which leave the hair root intact, this method removes hair from the hair follicle or hair root. This means you have smooth skin for longer. Typically you won't notice regrowth for three to four weeks. Plus, the new hair growth will be a finer hair type and with repeated sessions, you may even see permanent hair removal. Dead skin cells are also removed during the process and so this method leaves you with fresher, smoother skin.We use a strip wax applied to the skin. This type of wax product is a very sticky substance that adheres to your unwanted hair. These wax strips are removed against the direction of hair growth. On delicate skin, such as intimate waxing hot wax will be applied. This does not require strips and only adheres to the hair and not the skin, this reduces skin irritation.

For the best results

You will see the best results if you exfoliate for a couple of days before your wax appointment. Because, this will unblock hair follicles and any ingrown hairs will be released ready for the treatment.

Half leg - 30 mins £15                    Chest - 30 mins £15
Below knee

¾ leg - 35 mins £20                        Back - 30 mins £20
Above knee

Full leg - 40 mins £23                    Upper lip - 15 mins £7

Regular bikini - 15 mins £10         Chin - 15 mins £7

Underarm - 15 mins £10                Upper lip and chin - 25 mins £12

Forearm - 30 mins £11                   Brazilian - 30 mins £25

Eyebrow - 15 mins £8                    Hollywood  - 35 mins £30

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